Project objectives


  • Motivating students to work on the skills which will help them to understand and learn Technology.
    Science, Maths, Art by inter-disciplinary methodology (STEAM).
  • Introducing STEAM and CLIL pedagogical approach in connection with healthy nutrition, European heritage and ICT skills.
  • Developing skills such as conscious self-reasoning, critical thinking, creativity, decision making, teamwork, interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, collaboration, practical skills including linguistic and technological, problem-solving and communication.
  • Creating awareness to be a healthy man, the most important resource for an organization.
  • Using ICT to create and disseminate educational and didactic materials.
  • Promoting and strengthening positive behaviour and at the same time avoiding the negative ones such as obesity, diabetes and dental problems.
  • To get to know about the traditional food of the project partners.
  • Creating social interaction and intercultural dialogue among the partners’ students, reducing stereotypes and teaching tolerant attitude towards other nationalities.
  • Developing English language skills among students and teachers.
  • Allowing the immigrant students from each partner country to show their own abilities and promoting their culture and cuisine.
  • Strengthening methods, techniques and forms of work directed at students with special educational needs.
  • Providing sustainable strategic partnership between partner organizations to develop common curriculum and content of school and pre-school education in the future.